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Let's Talk Details

Each month you will provide your clients with about 5-7 hours of work, including:

2 Hours Of Consultation

Each month you will meet with your clients to plan the next month's promotions, discuss strategy and work on major events. 

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Following your strategy meeting, you will build their calendar including food & drink specials and other details.

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Social Media


Each weekday you will post the next day's events for each of your accounts. With BarShift, this will take about 3 minutes.

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Throughout the month you will keep an eye on your client's 2 main competitors and report back to your client monthly.

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At the client's request, you will send electronic files for the monthly calendar, posters, flyers, etc. for them to print.

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You will have the freedom to work with (and bill) your client for other tasks such as printing or ordering supplies.

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How many clients can you handle?


Is what the advertised monthly cost is to the client. But as your experience grows, so can your monthly fee.


Is the cost to you for each of your client's monthly BarShift Subscriptions.


The rest is yours to keep (minus cc fees). Plus, we will handle all of the payments so you won't need to set up credit card services.

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Getting Started Is Easy.

There is a $250 fee each year to be a BarShifter. And for that you receive:

6 Hours Training

Consultant Certification

Master BarShift Account

100 Sales Brochures

BarShift Branded Apparel

Monthly Team Calls

Ongoing Support

Things You'll Need

Icons For Sales Items-04.png
Icons For Sales Items-05.png


and / or

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  •  Desktop, and/or, a tablet (9 inches or greater).

  • A color printer or access to a color printer (i.e. Kinkos).

  • Reliable transportation.

  • Mobile device for sales and calls.

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Opportunity On Every Corner

There are more than 100,000 bars in the country, and the majority of them simply don't have the time to focus on their promotions. That is where you can help.

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At Only $10 A Day, It's Hard To Say No.

As a BarShifter, you will be helping them take control of their promotions for only $299 a month ($10 a day). That is pretty hard for bar owners to turn down.

I'm interested, so what are the next steps?

1. Complete the registration form (click the green button below).


2. Set up a 15-minute phone call with one of our BarShift pros.


3. Schedule your Certified Promotions Consultant Training

You have questions? We have answers :)

Creating a full promotions calendar takes a lot of time. Why do you make it sound so easy?


BarShift is a Point of Promotions software that gives you the power to Select, Create, and Promote and amazing calendar in a matter of minutes. Watch BarShift in action HERE.


When do I pay my annual registration fee?


Once you select your training dates, the fee will be due. It will be due annually on each anniversary following that.


I've never sold anything. How do I approach potential clients?


First, if you are in the bar industry, you have sold plenty (suggesting a side or dessert, or simply asking a customer if they need another). That said, a big part of the training will cover both Sales and Customer Service. We've got you covered!


What type of bars will this work well for?


Almost all bars need help with their promotions. Either they do not have many, or they need help better promoting what they have. Sports Bars, Taverns, and Corner Bars will all benefit greatly from your services.

Got more questions?  Send us an email at

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