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Take your career (and income) to the next level as a BarShift Promotions Consultant.

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bar shift pro·mo·tions con·sult·ant

/bärshift/  prəˈmōSH(ə)ns   kənˈsəltnt

A creative individual who helps bar and restaurant owners build their business by creating a full calendar of promotions and events using the BarShift point of promotions software.

See Also:  Entrepreneur, Problem Solver, Boss

Bar Owners Need Your Help!

It's no secret that many bars suffer because of their lack of promotions. Bar owners simply don't have the time or resources to create and manage a full calendar of events. That is where your opportunity begins.

BarShift Wall Of Events With Questionnai


Each month you will consult with your clients to analyze their needs. What are their slow nights? What customers would they like to attract? What big events would they like to host?

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Using the BarShift software, you will create their next month's calendar in less than an hour, and let the system automatically create the supporting marketing materials (table tents, flyers, and posters) for each event.

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Each day you will post your client's promotions on their social media accounts. BarShift makes this easy: with just a few clicks, each bar's promotions are shared to Facebook, Twitter, and soon on Instagram.

BarShift Will Make Your Job Easy.

BarShift is the first ever Point of Promotions software where you can Select, Create, and Promote an amazing calendar of events in a matter of minutes.  What used to take hours, now takes minutes with BarShift. 


1. Select from a massive library of events and promotions or add ones that you come up.

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2. Create menus of food & drink specials and even add entertainment.

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3. Post powerful event graphics with just a few clicks.

The Benefits Of Being Your Own Boss.

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Love What You Do

Already enjoy the bar industry? Now you can help others grow their business too!

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Work From Anywhere

You can literally be a consultant from just about anywhere!

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Increase Your Income

You can consult part-time to supplement your income or make this your full-time business.

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