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Hire a Promotions Manager for only $10 a day, and stop trying to do it all yourself.

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You simply don't have the time to get it all done.

You’re busy. You have a business to run. You are the bartender, the cook, the bouncer, the accountant, and the janitor. Where can you find the time to manage a full calendar of promotions and events?

Let us take care of your promotions, events, and social media for only $10 a day.

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We will work with you to create a full calendar of events

We will create your marketing materials

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We will promote your events on Social Media

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We will even keep an eye on your competitors

If you don't have a Full Calendar Of Events, you are losing customers.

If you aren't posting on Social Media, you are losing customers.

If you aren't Marketing Your Events, you are losing customers.

Let us do that for you.

For only $10 a day we will manage all of this for you.

2 Hours Of Consultation

Each month we will consult with you to plan the next month's promotions, discuss strategy and work on major events. 

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After the strategy meeting, we will build your promotions calendar including food & drink specials and other details.

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Social Media


Each weekday we will post the next day's events for each of your accounts. Your Social Media is going to look amazing.

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Each month we will keep an eye on your two main competitors and provide you with a competitive analysis report.

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For each of your promotions, we will create digital posters, flyers, and table tents for you to print and use on-premise.

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For Only

$10 A Day

For less than the cost of a burger and a beer, you will have a full slate of promotions that will bring bigger crowds to your bar.

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If you need bigger crowds, then you need better promotions.

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