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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I create more than one event on the same day?

Absolutely, in fact, we recommend it!  When you add more than one event you will see "split" images on your My Calendar view.  Enjoy!

How do I get rid of the greyed-out on my calendar event?

They greyed-out events are Suggested Events we are recommending. To delete them please first ADD the event and then you will see the DELETE button.

How do I upload my logo to my calendar?

Simply click on your Bar Name at the top of the page and go to MY ACCOUNT. Halfway down on the page you will find the UPLOAD IMAGE button for your logo.

I can’t find an event on My Calendar?

There are a few possibilities here; ​

  1. You may have created it on the wrong day/month

  2. You may be looking at the wrong month

  3. You lost connection in the middle of adding the event.

To confirm you added the event, click on the CREATE tab and you will find it listed there. If not, try to add the event again.

I already added an event, and wanted to add it again but I can’t find it?

Once you have added an event it will appear in the Already Scheduled category. There you will find the Add Again button.

What image sizes do I need to create a Custom Event?

Depending on how much you plan on doing with this event, there are 5 images sizes;

Most users focus on the Thumbnail and Facebook image sizes.  For a Full Style Guide please click here

- Thumbnail Image

- Facebook Image

- (3) Printable Image Sizes.

Most users focus on the Thumbnail and Facebook image sizes.  For a Full Style Guide please click here.


What are the greyed-out food and drink specials on my event?

These are recommended Food & Drink specials we have set for specific events. If you would like to use them, simply click on the button to the left of the item.

How can I add a DJ or Band Name to my event?

In the CREATE section, find the event you would like to add this to. There you will find 3 sections with the last being ENTERTAINMENT & OTHER IDEAS. Here you can add the name of your band, cover charge, etc.


How do I promote an event on my Bar's Facebook page?

Click on the PROMOTE button and select the event you would like to promote. When the new window opens, be sure to adjust the page you would like to share it on at the top.

Where can I get my posters printed?

You can print the 4x6 Table Tents and 8x10 Flyers right on your own printer. For the larger ones, we would suggest Kinkos, Office Depot or another local printing shop.

Why can’t I promote an event a few months away?

We have set up BarShift to allow you to promote events 2 months out. Any earlier, and people will forget. 😊

I downloaded my poster, but now I can’t find it?

Most computers have a default download folder or you have set your files to automatically download to a specific folder. You can also search your files for the first few letters of the event name.


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